How It Works:

1 You plug a barcode scanner into your computer (preferably one in the kitchen).

2 simply scan the barcodes of any packages before you discard them.

3 Grocist looks up the products information from the UPC database

4 and keeps a running grocery list for you.

What can your grocery list do for me?

It can give you all of the following:

  1. Never forget another grocery item ever.
  2. Keep track of the foods you liked and remember what brands to repurchase.
  3. Get an RSS feed for your grocery list
  4. Have your loyalty/club cards printed right on your grocery list
  5. Integration with home delivery services such as Peapod (coming soon maybe).
  6. Automatically get coupons for items on your grocery list (coming soon maybe).
  7. Avoid overpaying. Get average prices for items on your grocery list (coming soon maybe).
  8. Search for the grocery store with the lowest price for the items on your list (coming soon maybe).
  9. A reason to own a barcode scanner! (Finally)

How to get started?

Just follow these steps:

Just make up a name and password below to get started:

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